Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time Pass!!

These are some of the status msgs i wrote for my gtalk IM in the past few months. No copyright issues, feel free to churaa-ing them, if you think they are worth. Imagine these lines below your name on your Gtalk main window.

# 'Backspace' is the only key which reminds you that you can come up with something better, but keys conspire , mediocrity is what they desire and hence this status msg.

# What do u call a harry potter 'spell' which goes wrong??

Ans: A Typo

# Why is 'HIMESH' correct instead of 'himesh'?

Ans: HIMESH is with caps on.

# 'Donut' worry Be-er happy!!

# All those people here with solid red dots against their names, Are you really busy?? come join the "Green revolution".

# Your Boss is like your toothbrush, he interacts with you for 5 minutes in the morning, doesn't let you speak in the meantime, sugar coated he is and you grit your teeth while he brushes you

# (Not) Drinking is strictly prohibited in Pub-lic (Pub-like) places. :P

# Har aadmi ke hote hai do mouth, ek to hota hai north aur ek uske south!!

# If my status msgs annoy you then let me tell you, i enjoy a 'status' here and i have got a 'msg'(%$#%@) for you.

# Jab we MATE!!

# Show the current music track-- dikha raha hu bhai..pappu chauraahe se daud ke cassette to le aa!!

# Ba Ba Black *Beep* !! :P { when i put up my profile pic with a mean look, clad in a black shirt:p}

# Up, Up and Awayyy!! {usually my status msg when i am away}

# Blah-sphemy! {self explanatory word}

# Friday owes its charm to a sweaty Monday morning!

# Don't drink and derive, you might crash into some premature conclusions!!

# Yahoo messenger zindabaad!! :P {aiwaiii :D }

# Be a patriot, Spend your new year's eve with Doordarshan, do tell me how it was :p !!

# A 'traitor' translates to a 'cosmopolitan' when you look up a euphemist's dictionary!!

# This person tried hard to put up a real smart-ass status msg but terribly failed to do so.

# Virginity is like your blog readers, eventually you gonna lose them.

Phewhh!! and heyy!! A very yappy new year to all!! :)


Monday, December 24, 2007

A tribute..

I present before you this song which i wrote as a tribute to this experience named "Taare zameen par". The tune which was playing in my mind while i wrote this song was of "Kholo kholo darwaaje" from the same movie. No humor this time folks.

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Taare zameen par!!

Khidki se jo aayee
jharne me nahayee,
ye geeli-geeli see hawa hai aayee dekho,
dhoop ko dhakelti ye,
pardon se khelti ye,
aankhe meenche meenche bhaagi chali aayee dekho !!

Pedo me fasee thi kahee,
zulfon me uljhi si kahee,
hatheli par bitha ke panchhiyo ko laayi dekho,
kaise dagmagaati,
pedo se ye takraati,
yu girti giraati, maano desi hai chadhaai dekho,

Zindagi bhi hai ek jhonka ,
tumne hai usey roka,
kholo-kholo saare darwaaje,
thoda-thoda saa muskura ke
saare apne chehre sajaake,
zindagi haseen hai, isey dekho
zara paas bithaa ke!

Aasmaan me jo hai taare,
jagte hai raato ko saare,
tim-timaate khil-khilaate,
tumhe khojne wo aate,
karvat badal ke dekho, khidki ke bahar aaye saare!!

Chaand akela rehta hai,
tumse wo roz kehta hai ki
Mutthi me chaandni bharke,
mal do gaalon par sabhike,
jaldi jaldi karo kahee
neend ke baadalo ke peeche, chaand kho naa jaaye dekho!!

Tum bhi chalo,
mai bhi chalu,
laaye khoj ke wo humaare,
bachpan ke din wo pyaare.
jebo me bhar , hatheliyo par.
wo andhere se darr,
wo maths wala sir,
wo sardi bukhar,
phir maa ka dulaar,

Aisee kitni hai yaadein,
geeli-geeli see hai baatein.
Ye jo hai hawa chaand aur taare.
humse roz kehke jaate saare

"Door mat jaa kahee,
dekh dil ke panne palat kar
mil jaayenge chamakte tujhe
wo jo hai 'taare zameen par'!! "

Dedicated to the kid in each one of us....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Flexing my literary 'grey' muscles!!


“We are not ALONE !!!” she was ecstatic as every single person on the planet was today...

“Yep!! But we never gonna see them, it’ll take eons to reach ‘em” i retorted.

“In that case , we'll wait for THEM to reach us !!” she beamed.

"heh!" smirked I.

After a million years of solitary existence, Now we know we are not alone. Our equipments intercepted some signals from outer space, which showed some intelligent patterns. That was enough for the world to go tizzy. Extra terrestrial life does exist damnit!. But the planet was located in some distant galaxy well beyond our reach for us to breach.

“..Umm the way, How they have named it…i mean the new planet “ She was curious.

“Well...After translating the gathered signals to phonetics...umm….. they call it…’Earrth’…..weird name isn’t it”

“Weird it IS !!”


The sea always enchanted me…the unending wide sheet of blue water creased by the waves and life…fastened to the clouds at the other end…
The golden sand , the fuzzy foam stitched at the ends of the waves , and the ‘keep’ of the sea ..Sun..spending each night in it’s mighty embrace… I loved ‘em all…It was near the sea where I grew up…frolicked around…lived a LIFE

But now things have not been the same for the last three months. Many of our neighbors started to disappear suspiciously…most of them were last seen in the sea ppl say…but How can a sea as serene as this , engulf it’s own children ; that was my point…Our family moved to some other beach side locality as several others did…The ones who disappeared never returned to tell their tale…

I continued to play with the waves and smell the sand…..

Now I know where all those neighbors ended up , As I recollect these golden memories being caught in a net myself. I’ll also be served dead on a platter with spices in some oriental restaurant.

Life’s not too good being a crab , seriously.


‘Twas around midnight…a moonlit night bustling with activity…. it's the big apple…New York…

I waited there on the sidewalk.

A petite girl in her late teens was standing beside me , wearing an outfit revealing her near to perfect assets…curves to die for…

A biker halted near the sidewalk…hurled a 50 dollar bill at the girl…the girl smiled…and they rode along..

I was still waiting….

And a few moments later a limo screech stopped near the sidewalk …I reapplied my mascara…lifted my bosom…Limo’s window rolled down…

There he was my client for the night.

He called me in…And I obliged…

“Foolish girl !!” I said. Experience counts…isn't it??