Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have quit!

Yes, i have shifted loyalties. My current employer has treated me well enough to coax me to look for greener pastures. (reaching where i'll look for (more) greener pastures). This is what i call the "Mad cow disease". You always look for greener pastures to graze on (and drop your load) and then later ruminate or may be "rue"-minate. The blogging hiatus was the immediate manifestation. And not to mention my manager and this blog suffered equally. Lekin kya kare ab to chidiya udd gayee!

I'll keep this post short and sweet ( that's how i used to describe my ex *sigh*).


Some days back one of my moronic friends sent me a text which read like "Porno spoofs on hollywood blockbusters :-

" 1. Saving private ryan -> 'Shaving private ryan' or 'shaving ryan's privates'.

2. You've got mail -> You've got male...genitalia.

The moron inside me got inspired.... and i replied him back with an array or should i say a festival of movie names.

3. The fantastic four :- The fantastic whore.

4. Ex-men. (A movie on transvestites).

5. 300 -> Three (hundred) some.

6. Lord of the g-strings.

7. Hairy Daughter and the neighborhood bastard. (harry potter waali koi bhi movie)

8. A beautiful mind -> A beautiful behind.

9. When Harry mate(s) sally.

Lets c how many you can add to the list.... kripya offendiaaye nahee!!

And i promise to post a big one here once i am done with my joining formalities and guess what i got a 150% hike. ;)