Sunday, September 09, 2007

A trip to mera sasur (Mysore) - I

Long time no pee err..see !! (Song playing in my bheje ka Winamp : Pee le pee le o mere jaani pee le pee le o mere raja.. :P). the long disconnect can be well explained by the fact that this poor software trainee of a soul was subjected to a training routine which was as relentless and bey-reham as Nisha Kothari in RGV ki aag.( GBF reporter reports that the guy at the ticket counter brings along a mortein mosquito coil to his work place daily for what else but an undisturbed sleep).

At long last the training period is over and we’ll be allotted projects on the 17th of this month. If luck stays by my side, I might land up with a good development project. Chances are plum as I have scored well in the assessments (80+% overall), but bhagwaan ji has been playing an ‘Aleem dar’ offlate on my life ki innings. Dekho ji kya hota hai!!

Last weekend four of us dosts decided upon a trip to mysore. A visit to Tipu sultan’s tomb, Mysore palace and vrindavan garden with a few ancient temples dotting the route featured in the package tour. The bus was scheduled to depart on 6:45 in the morning aur wo bhi Saturday morning. Itni subah to sadak ke kutto kaa bhi alarm nahee bajta.

It was a chilled out morning and we were waiting for fellow travelers and traveleriyaas but they proved to be as disappointing as this post. We somehow managed to bring a non branded digicam along.(kuuch nahee mil raha tha yaar!! ) “Mera camera hai japani, ye ‘pantaloon’ of kishore biyani” (maaf kar do yaar hehe!!).

The dhaaba food was at its worst; I ordered a dosa which tasted like a pizza with a rich haajmola topping. Don’t dare to ask me about the paneer butter masaala that we had in the lunch. RGV ki aag par seki gayee rotiyo ke saath me paneer butter masala was like ‘no paneer but masala’. We reached tipu’s tomb at about 10 in the morning. The in house guide was speaking hindi as fluent and flawless as I speak French. Dodge this..

“Ye makbara matbal tooomb ne banvaaye tipu sultan ko in the saal 1798..”

“Aur masala dosa ne khaaya mere ko at the samay 9:30”
I murmured.

Arey bhaai uski kya galti hai. Mujhe to kannada me sirf gaaliyaa aati hai wo to phir bhi hindi me bahut kuchh bol gaya.

After checking out the tomb of tipu sultan,and the burial places of his various bhaai bhateeje and bahuu betiyaa we clicked snaps with ordering some extra ‘cheese’. We were back in the bus and the next destination was the city of mysore. When the bus sped ahead on the serpentine ways up the hill I was tempted to do a “mere sapno ki raani..kab aayegi tu” but I was instantly reminded by my dost ki ‘Raani’ paap ke raaste par chal nikli hai…uski ‘chunri me daag’ lagne waala hai. Tide ka safedi challenge be damned.

Chalo bhaai baaki ki bakwaas baad me. Shahrukh ke abs ki + ‘heyy babyy’ ke babes ki kasam jaldi hi agla post chipkaaunga…

Garam Bheja Fry completes an year of its existence. Aaj mere blog ka birthday hai..kya gift laaye ho uncle!!