Saturday, July 07, 2007

I yumm happy!!

Two weeks of training are over. 5 more weeks to go. My friends back home ask me “Kaun saa maheena chal raha hai”(training kaa) and I get all red. I reply “mai poore parhej barat rahaa huu…jacchaa aur bacchaa dono salaamat hai”.. our training is taking place at a hip bangy college whose students irrespective of their sex hug each other when they meet in the mornings and talk about rock concerts and hangovers. Ee Bangalore hai babua, my dost tells me. I am just a Rampur ka laxman…err..duryodhan in a big city.

My day starts at 6:30 in the morning when I wake up for a piss and then again I go back to snuggle up where I used to piss on when I was a “nappy me bhi happy” baby.

I get up at 7 and till that time the PG waala nepaali kaancha delivers the bed tea. The innocent kaancha looks at me and says :

”shhaab!! Chaai kaha rakhu!! “

“aaarggglleggglee *drool* aghhhh” with one eye open

“jee shaab!! Theek hai“

While sipping the tea I wonder philosophically looking at the morning sky from my window how come I have become a “saabji” in the space of 2 weeks. Then my roomie sardaara shouts

“Saale Bh**Ch** pankaj udhaas….. kal subah utthega kyaa??” then I realize main to abhi bhi jawaan hoon. And my snobbish “saabji” thoughts take a suicidal jump from the same window.

In another half an hour I am as ready as sameera ready oopps reddy. Four of us colg ke dost get bundled in a santro and head for the training center. Bangalore ka traffic beckons us with open arms. As we stay at the BTM layout 2nd stage and the training center is near the electronic city office which is a shade over 9kms away from our place traffic ke lambe haath hum maasoomo ke mornings ka gala ghontne ko taiyaar rehte hai... … “aa jaa beta” the traffic says. The road looks like a parking lot. And the office goers inside the cars and buses seem to have accepted this as a part of their life and they look as calm as a sleeping gurudutt while their vehicle moves at a speed of 10 inches an hour.

When we do reach the center we idle around in the canteen checking out the girls and saambhar vadaas , and then begins a 10 hour grueling session interspersed with 3-4 extended coffee breaks and a lunch break where we get the “fokut ka khaana”. Half of the class is occupied with my colg friends so fultoo masti.

On our way back who else but Atif, raeth and few other Pakistanis rub malham on the mental jakhms of us S/W engnnrs by their voice. When we are back at our residence dinner vagairah leke.. begins a happy hour where 12 of us colg ke dost (alllaah kaa shukar hai we are all in the same building) get together for what we call as “The happy hour” your’s truly hosts it proudly and in that period of time we guys laugh our ass off , jokes on every thing under the sun, moon and baanki ke pilanet. Din bhar ke Stress ki maa ki… :D

Kuchh photu-shotu dekh lo…

Rajdhani express ka ek coach..shukar hai gali ke kutte nahee ghoom rahe bas unhi ki kami hai

Traffic rules gaye chulhe me..

Mera gurucool...yaha mujhe hal chalaane ki training di jaati hai..

Oye cybercafe nahee hai re.. mera classroom hai ye..yahee mujhe 10 ghante roz mazdoori karni padti hai

Mera saaf suthra room...Beds ke beech me distance ko note kiya jaaye me-lordd!! :P

Ek kaam ki baat. Jaankaar dost se ek gujaarish hai...mujhe Sys UNIX domain se navaaja gaya hai aur mera telecom mera horizontal hai..iss combo ke saath mai kitne teer chala sakta hu..thodaa torch maar yaar ispe. battery mai khareed dunga tension nakko.

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