Friday, May 29, 2009

Indian Pop culture - I :UPDATE

Now just a few days back i stumbled upon this creative juice ki dukaan it provides you with a tool, using which u can create graphs, pie charts and venn diagrams in lesser time than Usain bolt takes to reach the non-striker's end. Now if you are wasting time in grasping the previous pun, worry not even i dint get it, ab direct bilkul fast neeche dekhne kaa...

(Click on the image to enlarge)

I could have posted more of these, but since i am leaving for home this sunday. I am feeling naughty, restless and whole lot happier like a pakistani zoozoo Guhahaha! Gaaonwaalo, here i come!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Pyar me cutbacks

Ah! Welcome here, long time isn't it. I was away in the land of Shoot-outs, Shooting studios, Shooters @ olive bar, Slum offshoots: Mumbai. There I was the past one month gauging what makes Mumbai the 'Bombay' we know it to be. But trying to put together one more of those "oh-so-philosophical" posts about the maximum city, is as futile as the process of you pissing in the Mahim creek hoping that your friend(read: bastard) who ditched you to Goa (coz you had to work weeknds) may taste some of 'that' while he is taking a quick dip there. Futile isn't it.

Strange times are these of victorious Bangalorean cricket, rejuvenated 'gandhi'giri, countries celebrating the extinction of tigers, and a Priety zinta who only shakes hands these days (and later the players shake with hand!)... Shall we move on.. hmpfff!
I mean what has 'hello' happened to this 'helloooo' The humor is pathetic 'hello' and not much to write abt...Life is going at a sedate pace and i-pill has surely helped sort out some issues. :P

Not much work at office and chances of working on a weekend are as slim as actually "working" on a weekday. I got a call from some editor who wanted the items of this blog to be pipelined to his magazine, aur "haaye mai to sharam ke maare mar gayee". The write-ups on this blog are as useless as a blind abhinav bindra. Chill maaro yaaro, churana hai churaao, udaana hai udaao, what goes of my father?? hindi me - mere baap ka kya jaata hai.

We launched a new mobile handset which our team had coded this past month, 5 months of hard work and a grand party is in the offing and to those cost cutting hawks who are opposing such lavish expenditure I quote a famous line which has been recently translated from the ancient scriptures:

Verse 3:19 - "Pyaar me koi cutbacks nahee hone chahiye"

Indeed they love us, kyuki u have the authority of spanking the ass of only those few whom u love dearly. Isn’t it? aisa mummy kehti thi.

And there has been this deluge of facebook quizzes off late, "Which 'Jaago grahak jaago' ad character are you?" , "How well do you know Nand kishore Chaubey?" and the likes. And there are ample number of people out there in your friend list who actually want to know as to which 'windows error message' are they. Kudos to them. There are a million chandlers out there, and almost equal number of Harry potters, No wonder facebook is a truly blessed community. Pokes, super-pokes are passé. May be next time a full blooded quiz will be posted here.

Signing off with nothing much to say but for these few words which have proved to be a talisman to me:-

"Apna luck pehen ke chalo"


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