Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ohh !! it seems that Vijay and Aslam chacha got stuck in a traffic jam. As Vijay is in a habit of running short sprints in slow motion ( mostly to deliver the final blow to the villun !! ) and Aslam chacha is after all.. A chacha, (he fits the bill to be the coach of the Indian veterans cricket team) they can't possibly sprint to the nearest police thaana.

Their chances of reaching the police thaana 1-2 ghanta before eternity is as bright as Munaf patel hitting the coverpages of gladrags or GQ.

So before they reach the police station, main kuchh apni sunaau. Last ten days were hectic to say the least. Another project demo in madras proved to be a get together of sorts for apne yaar-dost.

Final semester of our engineering lives, *sniff* *sniff* (kutte bhi aise hi karte hai!!). Phir jaane kaun kahaa jaayega. *sniff* (its time to pull out those napkins from my socks, which I lifted from the table in a restaurant the other day. I couldn't stuff more napkins inside as the saltshakers were the size of hand grenades, kya kya andar ghusaata yaar!! waise bell bottoms ki jai ho!!).

After the project review was over, we were as free as Suresh raina. Koi bola movie chalte hai. the obvious question was "Which one??". The answer

" Jiske bhi 10 rs ke tkt available ho!!"

So then gautam and vaibhav negotiated with an auto waalah for a ride to the nearest INOX.

" Anna!!..City center....near lighthouse...How much??" Gautam asked the autowaalah

Anna had a mean look at us four guys. He was busy mentally calculating

* whirr whirr... Four guys...Northies.. whirr..Movie plans...whirr ..No girls accompanying… whirr"

"120 rs." Anna blabbered.

"Ratan Tata samjha kyaa be humko!! " gautam retorted

followed by a hushed "fuckk!! " from your's truly. hehe!!

The autowaalaah waited for some words which he could decipher.

"Anna does that include the movie tkts as well??? But still that is exorbitant, cut the popcorn we can do without it!!" siby tried to act smart

Anna still waited for those words.

"80 Rs... lasst!!" siby made it clear

The Autowaallah anna pointed towards a direction and he scooted off. There was the MTC bus depot. Shame is an extravagance of the riches. We second that.

So we decided. MTC bus zindabaad!!. After 30 minutes of smelling sweaty armpits and stale chameli ke phool in the rickety bus we reached the venue. Ahh the pleasures of air condishoning. Our gang quickly coagulated at the ticket counter. The options were

a) Guru b) Rocky balboa c) Salaam-e-Ishq d) Some random Tamil movie.

Even Salman khan would have guessed it correctly as to which movie's tickets would be available 30 seconds before the show.

The availability of 10 rupee tickets of Guru and rocky was out of question, and alas the Tamil movie tickets were booked too. We were left with Salaam-e-ishq. And we dint have a lifeline. Hmff!!

Then we morons thought why not enjoy the movie. We knew well about the Oscar winning potential of the movie. Commento-fication was on the cards. There were less people inside the theater than the cast of the movie. A laugh riot was waiting to be unleashed.

Four final year engineering students, with moronic intentions armed with a 10 Rs ticket made themselves comfortable on the plush Inox seats and murdered the movie. Some other guys brought alarm clocks to the theater with them and were thoroughly disturbed in their sleep by our gang.

Salman says in the movie " My name is Raauuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....*wolfs howl together on a hill*...uuuuuuuuuuuuuL" and we howled together too. (those who have seen the movie)

The very next day we watched GURU. ( Food for thought : During the last courtroom scene when gurukant points a finger towards roshan seth and says "...humaara desh peeche hai iske jimmedaar aap hai...". I couldn't help thinking that it was like Dhirubhai pointing a finger towards Jawahar lal nehru and blaming his economic policies for the non existant industrial growth in the decades to follow after independence...As it was roshan seth who played Nehru in the epic movie "Gandhi"....does anybody feel the same??)

Agli baar Vijay aur tina ki baaree!!... Hope the traffic jam clears up. :)


7 Mirch lagi kya?? paani piyo yaha..

Blogger Adarsh said...

vijay ko lao ..jaldi.... aur haan...chacha ko energic 31 zaroor khila dena :P
'traffic signal' par bahut log hain naa... isliye jam hai :D
aur ye salman ki to........

10:30 PM  
Anonymous taks said...

"There were less people inside the theater than the cast of the movie" ... ha ha ha
Also, liked the parallel to Dhirubhai pointing at Nehru ... very very interesting POV.
Aur haan, all the very best for all the dhamakaas & fun from the Final Semester ... do keep us updated about those !

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Thisisme said...

hey first time to ur blog..and really found it interesting...esp the 90s ke movie ones :)

10:50 PM  
Blogger Di said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Di said...

ur rick driver pointed u guys to the bus stand!!..really?!! if yes....then wow !some attitude! :O

10:02 AM  
Blogger itchingtowrite said...

as usual good one. u have made a riot of a simple trip to the movies

12:21 PM  
Blogger Ragamuffin said...

mast likha yar...too gud...lekin movie ka story kahan gaya???
roshan seth wala feeling mujhe toh nahi hua...

7:19 PM  

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