Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The sea always enchanted me…the unending wide sheet of blue water creased by the waves and life…fastened to the clouds at the other end…
The golden sand , the fuzzy foam stitched at the ends of the waves , and the ‘keep’ of the sea ..Sun..spending each night in it’s mighty embrace… I loved ‘em all…It was near the sea where I grew up…frolicked around…lived a LIFE

But now things have not been the same for the last three months. Many of our neighbors started to disappear suspiciously…most of them were last seen in the sea ppl say…but How can a sea as serene as this , engulf it’s own children ; that was my point…Our family moved to some other beach side locality as several others did…The ones who disappeared never returned to tell their tale…

I continued to play with the waves and smell the sand…..

Now I know where all those neighbors ended up , As I recollect these golden memories being caught in a net myself. I’ll also be served dead on a platter with spices in some oriental restaurant.
Life’s not too good being a crab , seriously.


15 Mirch lagi kya?? paani piyo yaha..

Anonymous Shashank Shekhar said...

I din't leave any comments on your earlier posts coz i don't think am worthy enough to comment on your writing.
But i can't stop maself further. So, here goes my first official comment on your work.
The deception till the end and a dextreously crafted ending:
"being caught in a net myself. I’ll also be served dead on a platter with spices in some oriental restaurant".
Thatz ur real metier. Thatz something which keeps every reader glued till the end. you have a huge talent buddy. Juz try implementing it on a wider spectrum. Am sure u gonna make it big in this field. All the best.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Neers said...

did i tell you? you have a TALENT!! :)

3:03 PM  
Blogger Adarsh said...

bahut sahi bhai..... sacchi... TOO MUCHH!!!
last mein jo palti maaraa naa.... kasam se.... mazaaa aa gaya [:D]

8:32 AM  
Blogger cardamom said...

# shashank

thanx mate you are alwayz welcome here...what's this "worthy" thingie?? bhaai mai vidyaathi aap bhi vidyaarthi...sab baraabar hai..aur jo yahaa comment karte hai wo koi booker awardees nahee hai..

# neers

yours words are golden neers!! they've always inspired me to come up with better pieces..thanx :))

# adarsh

kyaa bhai b'day ache se celebrate kiyaa naa?? aur thanx for the nice words..;D

11:30 PM  
Blogger Adarsh said...

B'day to mast celebrate hua... as in not GRAND types...jaisa (K)ekta maata dikhati hai naa.... waisa nahin....
normal style mein... doston k saath khaana peena.... thori hansi-mazaak... ek beautiful sa gift...tht's it. [:)]

12:21 AM  
Blogger cardamom said...

# adarsh

sahee hai beta...'paayaara' sa gift kaheee kisi "pyaare" se person ne to nahee diyaa [:P]

1:09 AM  
Blogger Kishley said...

For many, life's not good being a human either..

9:52 AM  
Blogger Amod said...

Probably you're trying to refer to something else as 'sea'...

3:04 PM  
Blogger cardamom said...

# amod

yep !! different ppl can derive diff analogies with the for us SW engnnrs

SEA :- the sea of happiness

NET :- the software industry

CRABS - we, the budding engineers...

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, same here, I too feel like a crab and another crab pulling me down, when I try to escape...I work as a Software engineer in the biggest SE company on the earth, life sux.
By the way, i tracked one of your reconnaissance mission at my blog. There was a fired gun shell was there...

11:28 PM  
Blogger Gaurav Jain said...

good one!! both the style of writing, and the larger issue (killing of animals) is well portrayed!!

8:45 AM  
Blogger cardamom said...

# aashun

welcome here sire..!! yep you are the crab who's been caught in the largest sucks everybody who r caught..

# gaurav

well actually it was referring to the software industry...newayz i'll complete your tag soon....mai aapke sir ki kasam khaata hoo...pakkka he he :)

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Hiren said...

Very nicely expressed. My wife's sister and her family live by the Juhu beach in Bombay and are always apprehensive during high tides. There is a saying,"Those who live by the sword ....." similar for sea?

9:49 PM  
Blogger phatichar said...

hehehe, that was neat!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice.. have always been a sucker for the sting in the tale :)

1:10 PM  

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