Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ek Philmy TAG...

So i was tagged once again. Here i had to describe the best scenes i have ever seen on screen. Aashun did it. I thought of writing this post sitting on the lap of Mithun daa ( coz lot of his movies will make it to the list)...but then i saw bipashaa making a weepy face as if john eloped with Elton JOHN (or may be chris 'GAY'le)...I had to oblige her...

When i was a chota bacchaa i gasped seeing Sunny deol planting his "dhaai kilo kaa haath" on the "chaar kilo ki tond" of south indian villains..Then came Akshay kumar..the khilaadi boy...cooing pervert numbers with thigh baring girls and sending the toned and muscular gundaas flying with his karate kicks...I remember once i kicked the door after i was back from school...Mum heard the loud bang...Two slaps later i was as calm as gurudutt silently scribbling my homework...

Govinda too had an influence on me..At least i was assured that even if i don't study well a glamorous and macho job of a koolie is assured...and add a plate of daily free bhel poori to that..
One day my father told me that one of his distant uncles, who happens to live in the same city is gonna visit our place..My father instructed me to behave myself and touch his feet when i meet him. I retorted with govinda in my head and david dhawan in my veins

"Kasam paidaa karne waale ki aby aajtak sirf do logo ke aage jhuktaa aaya hai ek to uparwaala jo kismat banaata hai aur ek naai jo hazaamat banaata hai..huhh!!"

When the distant uncle did arrive, he enquired to my father why my one cheek was swollen Red compared to the other. My father was caught off guard..somehow he managed "Umm...Might be a mosquito bite"...
Yep!! slapping was a family tradition in our khaandaan...Ooops i drifted from the tag..and you people didn't tell me..jaago india jaago..chalo ab time aa gayaa ki scene likhe jaaye..

1. Lagaan :- I cannot exactly recall the name of the characters ..but in one of the scenes in which the village team is shown practicing how to bat..A lower caste untouchable is holding the bat..sumone bowls..he hits the ball hard..the ball flies..Hits the bell of the temple, which prohibits the lower caste ppl to enter its premises..The bell clangs..Everybody hears it..Nobody speaks a word...I say..awwwww what a poetic depiction....Cricket achieved for that untouchable what his anscestors couldn't achieve in generations...

2. Rang de basanti:- The million dollar smile of aamir khan as he tosses the pistol sitting on a stool at the radio station...and the song in the background was a bliss..

3. Military raaj :- Mithun daa with all his hair pony-tailed, wearing reshmi karaate outfit, meditating in his 'aashram'..lot of curly hair gundaas wearing striped t-shirts assemble in the background. They take turns while getting beaten. Mithun uses just his two fingers to beat the shit out of the unwarranted ruffians who dared to disturb him...Mithun doesn't even blink...the same two fingers that hold the ciggie, the same two fingers which give competetion to the sales of itch-guard, the same two fingers which dig the nostrils clean...No wonder mithun is called prabhu ji.

4. Matrix :- The fight sequence...oooh breathtaking...between hugo weaving and apna neo...

Abhi itne hi yaad aa rahe hai...chalo ab baaki log...Tag le looooooooo!! behenji bilkul taaze hai...itne saste kahee nahee milenge...le lo sir..bilkul phreshh!!


9 Mirch lagi kya?? paani piyo yaha..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamu! sorry A dot Asthana, nicely done.

//chris GAYle?
did you just say chris GAYle? Man! It is so amazing, we have the same internal joke about him in my friend-circle. Humour is universal.

//telling that kismat-hazaamat to your dad does require some guts. You deserve that mosquito bite.

1. I forgot that scence. Thanks for ringing ghanti in my head.

2. RDB: Amir has to be on the list of everybody, right?

3. One other masterpiece from Mithun- Somebody aims a gun at him. And he says " abe yeh
BARTAN (!?!) apni jeb me vapas rakh!"
Even the gun melts hearing that.

4. Matrix: The whole trilogy is awesome.


1:13 AM  
Blogger Di said...

love the RDB wala scene too.. awesome :)

11:21 AM  
Blogger Lady Godiva said...

Woah!!! i must appreciate that you keep all the wierdos from every field stuffed in your head...

after the movie's over, i walk outta the theater and the moviez outta ma head... talk bout the 2kb RAM!!!!

5:39 PM  
Blogger cardamom said...

# aashun

i missed on sum angrezee pikchures...that included saving private ryan, french kiss and ...and ..ummm my recalling capacity has become offlate like ashish nehra...

the mosquitoes always bit me on the right cheek...considering my father is a southpaw..

guns=bartan...i wonder what he calls the bullet..may be chamchaa..

enjoyed the tag..

# Di

i am not a CAT aspirant otherwise i would have been confused by your blog name...newayz welcum here...RDB is class

# lady godiva

u shud read the 'weird' tag i encountered a month back...well with a 2 Kb RAM even a 66 kg Ram and a 48 kg seeta wud struggle to save u...naastik ban jaao...

2:31 AM  
Blogger Neers said...

i TOLD you.... YOU HAVE A TALENT!! :p i was rolling on the floor!! :)

7:07 PM  
Blogger itchingtowrite said...

very creatively done tag.... ha ha slapping was a family tradition

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Ankur said...

abbey tuney to apne bollywood k sare superstars ki 'mom' n 'sis' ek kar di...maza aa gaya...

yar apne tamil heroes k bare mein bhi kuch likh doubt hilarious hoga...:)

2:43 PM  
Blogger siby said...

"Kasam paidaa karne waale ki aby aajtak sirf do logo ke aage jhuktaa aaya hai ek to uparwaala jo kismat banaata hai aur ek naai jo hazaamat banaata hai..huhh!!"
"chris 'GAY'le"
"chaar kilo ki tond"


7:52 PM  
Blogger gunj said...

awww lovely post....GAYle was funny!
n im amazed hw d most normal high drama things strike sme ppl hard...i am usually unfazed coz its so becoming of d hindi movies n u call it poetic!!
RDB was one master piece!!
miss univer-city!!
kahan hai mera ram!!
door se 10 paas se bus!!
each n every scene moved me to d core!
d best part....koi desh mahan nahi hota...use mahan banana padta hai!

10:17 PM  

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